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学习家具设计需要哪些方面的知识?-Which kind of knowledges is needed for learning furniture design?

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Pro-E,Solidworks,3Dmax, Auto-CAD and other drawing software are only the expression tools of furniture design, not the most impoRTAnt ones. Most of the famous foreign designers use hand-drawn drawings, especially the drawings drawn by Philippine drawing engineers. You can't tell whether the drawings are made by software or people. Do a good job in furniture design, to master furniture materials, furniture structure, furniture production technology, modeling laws, color, ergonomics, furniture drawing and a series of related knowledge. If you only work as a furniture draftsman, you only need to learn Pro-E,Solidworks,3Dmax, Auto-CAD software well and be able to skillfully use it. Introduce an experience: buy a detailed software tutorial, follow the tutorial step by step to learn, after learning, find a diagram to draw, there will be a lot of places and don't remember, go back to learn again from the beginning. After a few times, you will have a basic understanding of how to use the software. This time to register a number of forums to master to consult more advanced skills, improve their level. The first step is to learn from Auto-CAD. Modeling in 3Dmax is rather troublesome. It is built in Auto-CAD, which is accurate and fast. Then go to 3Dmax and attach the material, set the lighting and render. The following is the original information, pls leave a message to the site if you're sure to be needed for your job position.(Pro-E,Solidworks,3Dmax、Auto-CAD等绘图软件只是家具设计的表达工具,不是最主要的,大部分国外著名设计师都是用手绘,特别是菲律宾的绘图工程师手绘的图纸,你根本无法分辩是软件还是人绘的。 做好家具设计,要掌握家具材料、家具结构、家具生产工艺、造型法则、色彩、人体工程学、家具制图等一系列的相关知识。 如果只是作为家具绘图员,只需要将Pro-E,Solidworks,3Dmax、Auto-CAD软件学好,能够熟练运用。 介绍一个经验:买一本软件的详细教程,按教程一步一步地学,学完后,找一个图试着绘制,会有很多地方又忘了或者不记得,回过头再从头学一次。这样经过几次后你就基本掌握软件的使用方法了。这个时候注册一些论坛去向高手请教更高级的技巧,提升自己的水平。 先要从Auto-CAD开始学,3Dmax中的建模比较麻烦,在Auto-CAD中建,精确快速。然后到3Dmax中附材质、设置灯光和渲染。以下为原创资料,有需要的可以给本站留言)
Original (Home furnishing/Furniture ) professional data
Kindly pls be noted that : These original furniture professiional data from Lustyhome Furniture(Lustyhome Ltd.) This original expertise is unique and arguably the only one that exists on the Internet. You can try to search the Internet, the same or similar documents must be zero, because we respect the original materials and the fruits of labor, so we do not upload to the Internet. We have been engaged in the furniture industry for 26 years, we can be said to be the elite furniture industry, furniture talent. Because focus, so professional! Professional people do professional things! This original knowledge is not a free service, it is to charge!(这些原创专业知识是独一无二的存在,可以说在互联网是唯一存在的。你可以试着搜索一下互联网,相同或者相似的文档一定是鸭蛋0,因为我们尊重原创资料和劳动成果,所以我们没有上传到互联网。我们从事家具行业26年了,可以说是家具行业精英,家具人才。因为专注,所以专业!专业的人干专业的事!这些原创知识不是免费的服务,是要收费的!
original furniture professional data name(原创家具资料名称):Knowledge for learning furniture design(学习家具设计必须要掌握的基本知识)
screenshot of Chinese Version(中文版本截图)
furniture design
screenshot of English Version(英文版本截图)
furniture design
Summary of Chinese Version(中文版内容摘要):
2:中国传统家具攒边打槽装板(framed panel)的结构设计
5:家具业常见加工工艺知识培训资料-Lustyhome Furniture training data
Summary of English  Version(英文版内容摘要):
1:common processing technology knowledge training materials of Furniture industry
2:Furniture Knowledge and furniture history in the world total 98 pages
3;furniture materials training knowledge total 20 pages
4:furniture materials training knowledge-cover
5:training materials of bespoken furniture total 20pages
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