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Industry Standard for China Wood Doors

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Recently, from the quality supervision department to understand, "China wood door industry standard" has been implemented since August 1. It is reported that this is woodiness door industry first national standard. The Standard requires that wooden door manufacturers should mark product specifications, production date, number, material used, as well as gluing material used, formaldehyde content and so on in a prominent position. Quality supervision department thinks, at present wooden door market good and bad are uneven, many wooden door businesses advertise the product is "real wood", in the future this kind of mark should be standardized, can not be randomly disorderly mark, and consumers in the second half of the year to buy wooden doors also have according to.

The new standard regulates packaging and gas release

According to introduction, new standard asks woodINESS door is BY lumber (sawn material, gluing material) MAKE door frame for main material (cover), the door of door window, among them, sawn material is the finished product material that becomes by log saw or semi-finished product material, gluing material includes the column form material that passes gluing to press and becomes with lumber as Raw Material and all sorts of plank. New STANDARD STILL MADE A REGULATION TO Solid WOOD COMPOUND DOOR, DEFINITION IS THE SOLID TYPE BODY THAT IS MAIN MATERIAL COMPOSITE WITH LUMBER, GLUE, THE SURFACE IS WOODINESS veneer STICK SKIN, SOLID WOOD STICK SKIN OR OTHER MATERIAL COVER FACE DOOR. In the product packaging, it is required that each product should be packed with plastic film and packaging cartons. The packing box should have packing list and product inspection certificate. To THE combination MATERIAL IN WOODEN DOOR, SUCH AS DENSITY FIBREBOARD, PLYWOOD, adhesive and other toxic substances, the regulation points out, must comply with the country "INTERIOR decoration decoration material WOOD-based board and its products in the formaldehyde limit standard". Door BUSINESS OF A FEW BRAND WOOD EXPRESSES, ALREADY RECEIVED THE NOTICE THAT WILL EXECUTE NEW STANDARD, OF NEW STANDARD COME ON STAGE IS RESHUFFLE TO THE MARKET. As for the product inspection certificate required by the new standard, in fact, the general brand manufacturers will issue, but also issued a 1 year quality guarantee.

New standard content overview

According TO WOODINESS DOOR STANDARD, WOODINESS DOOR IS TO POINT TO BY WOODINESS MATERIAL (SAWN TIMBER, GLUING MATERIAL TO WAIT) MAKE DOOR FRAME FOR MAIN MATERIAL (COVER), THE DOOR OF DOOR WINDOW. Among them, sawn timber includes finished or semi-finished timber of any size made from logs; Gluing materials include columns made of wood by gluing and various plates. To the solid wood composite door, the definition of the standard is wood, glue material as the main material composite made of solid body or close to the solid body, surface layer for wood veneer veneer or other cladding material door. At THE SAME TIME STANDARD REQUIREMENT, THE MOISTURE CONTENT OF WOOD THAT WOODINESS DOOR PLACE CHOOSES SHOULD NOT BE GREATER THAN 12%, IN HIGH HUMIDITY AREA AND HIGH HUMIDITY MONTH MOISTURE CONTENT ALLOW A BIT BIGGER, BUT MUST NOT BE GREATER THAN THE AIR AVERAGE MOISTURE CONTENT OF LOCAL MONTH. Noteworthy IS, STANDARD REQUIREMENT WOODINESS DOOR PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE SHOULD INDICATE SPECIFICATION, PRODUCTION DATE, NUMBER AND PRODUCT USE MATERIAL NAME IF SAWN LUMBER, GLUE LUMBER. In the product packaging, each product should be plastic film plastic packaging, packing list and product inspection certificate should be in the package.

"Solid wood door" many

In the market, the formaldehyde breath of some wooden door display products makes people's tears DC, but when businesses sell, they claim that the material is "solid wood", some are marked as walnut "solid wood craft door", the price is only 1000 yuan/Two frames (a single door does not include door cover). On THE CONTRARY, DOOR OF A FEW BRAND WOOD APPEARS RELATIVELY "FRANK" SOME, FOR EXAMPLE DOOR IS LOG OR PASS CRAFT PROCESSING, IT IS MOLD PRESS OR DENSITY BOARD, WHAT THE SURFACE STICKS IS PAPER OF COPY WALNUT WOOD PVC OR REAL WOOD BARK, ALL CAN TELL CLEARLY. Formaldehyde CONTENT STILL MARKED ON DOOR OF SOME BRAND WOOD IS Europe HIGHEST STANDARD -- EO STANDARD (EACH LITRE FORMALDEHYDE 0.5 MG BELOW). A wood door industry senior personage introduces, solid wood craft door commonly known as solid wood compound door, it is the density board of 1 centimeter thick that presses on the surface of solid fir, paste 0.6 millimeter thick solid veneer composition again, the advantage is not easy deformation; Log wooden door is open 4.5 centimeters thick, 2 meters tall wooden door aniseed after cutting down a tree, paint is painted directly on the surface, the advantage is environmental protection, the disadvantage is to have slight thermal expansion cold contraction; Molded wood door refers to the surface is attached with PVC imitation wood paper, the middle with sawdust, shavings pressed together, the advantage is new style; Pure density board wooden door advantage is durable, but not enough environmental protection. According to the current market situation, walnut log solid wood door, the price has grown two millimeters at least 3000 yuan/above, and walnut solid wood craft door, the price also wants 1500 yuan /.

Sign the contract and ask for the wooden door section specification

"The existing wooden door products in the Nanjing market are mainly from Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang, and there are about 200 wooden door manufacturers in Jiangsu. Although Jiangsu is not the main production place of wooden doors, but the national import of wood distribution center." state Forestry Bureau Nanjing wood-based board quality supervision station stationmaster Yellow River wave says, wooden door market exists indeed a few chaotic phenomenon. A FEW LAWLESS BUSINESSMAN IS DONE TO RESEMBLE REAL WOOD TO DOOR OF A FEW PLANK, FILL WITH ALL SORTS OF INFERIOR PLANK PIECE TOGETHER, BE IN DOOR FRAME, HINGE, KEYHOLE PLACE ONLY -- THE PLACE THAT CONSUMER CAN SEE WITH NAKED EYE USES A FEW GOOD LUMBER TO REPLACE. Current, MORE THAN 50% ON THE MARKET IS DOOR OF SOLID WOOD TECHNOLOGY AND MOLDING DOOR, DOOR OF WOOD OF LOG SOLID WOOD AND BOARD OF HIGH PURE DENSITY IS LESS. Especially the wood log, because domestic belongs to soft wood of Chinese fir, pine, texture is soft, not suitable for wooden door bearing parts, and wooden door bearing part of the material - hard broadleaf wood log, such as maple, oak, walnut, domestic is very scarce, most want to rely on imports, because of the international market prices have been higher log, cause the domestic price of real wood log also remained high. Accordingly, TO THE PRICE TOO LOW "REAL WOOD DOOR", CONSUMER SHOULD LEAVE A MIND MORE. After NEW STANDARD COMES ON STAGE, CONSUMER IS WHEN WOODEN DOOR OF CHOOSE AND BUY, THE SECTION THAT CAN ASK A WOODEN DOOR TO THE BUSINESSMAN USES MATERIAL STRUCTURE TO EXPLAIN, WHEN SIGNING A CONTRACT, CAN ASK THE BUSINESSMAN TO INDICATE IT IS 100% LOG OR SOLID WOOD TECHNOLOGY.
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