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Instruction of Plastic Furniture

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plastic furniture is a new kind of furniture. There are many types of plastics, some ones  can be as kd furniture to pack & ship in order to save the space & the cube.but they can basically be divided into two types: thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics. The former is our common radio, car dashboard, etc.; The latter, such as a variety of household appliances plastic components, hoses, thin films or calipers, etc.. In modern furniture, this new material is pressed into a chair through a model, or pressed into various films, as a soft furniture fabric, and plastic hoses of various colors are wound into a soft chair on a steel pipe.
Compared with traditional Solid wood furniture, rattan art furniture, iron art furniture, etc., plastic furniture is a kind of furniture with new properties. It is popular with consumers with bright colors, different shapes, light and compact, wide application, and convenient maintenance. In modern furniture, this new material is pressed into a chair through a model, or pressed into various films, which are used as soft furniture fabrics, and plastic hoses of various colors are wound into a soft chair on steel pipes. 1] And ...
Classification of plastics by use characteristics
According to the different use characteristics of plastics, plastics can generally be divided into three types: general plastics, engineering plastics and special plastics.
1 General plastics
Generally refers to the production of large, widely used, good molding, cheap plastic. There are five major varieties of universal plastics, namely polyethylene(PE), polypropylene(PP), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polystyrene(PS) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer(ABS). They're all thermoplastic.
2 Engineering plastics
Generally refers to the ability to withstand ceRTAin external forces, has good mechanical properties, high resistance to high and low temperatures, good dimensional stability, can be used as engineering structure plastics, such as polyamide, polysulfone and so on.
In engineering plastics, it is divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics.
General engineering plastics include: polyamide, polyformaldehyde, polycarbonate, modified polyethers, thermoplastic polyesters, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, methyl pentene polymers, vinyl alcohol copolymers, etc..
Special engineering plastics are also divided into crosslinking non-crosslinking types.
Cross-linked types are: polyaminobarmalamide, polytriazine, cross-linked polyimide, heat-resistant epoxy finger and so on. Non-crosslinked types include: polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polyphenyl sulfide, polyimide, polyether ether ketone(PEEK) and the like.
3 Special plastics
Generally refers to plastics that have special functions and can be used in special applications such as aviation and aerospace. For example, fluorine plastics and organosilicon have outstanding special functions such as high temperature resistance and self-lubrication, and reinforced plastics and foams have special properties such as high strength and high buffer. These plastics belong to the category of special plastics.
A. Strong plastics: reinforced plastic Raw Materials can be divided into three types in appearance(such as calcium plastic reinforced plastic), fiber(such as glass fiber or glass cloth reinforced plastic), and flake(such as mica reinforced plastic). According to the material, it can be divided into three types: Bucky reinforced plastics(such as rags or asbestos reinforced plastics), inorganic mineral filled plastics(such as quartz or mica filled plastics), and fiber reinforced plastics(such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics).
B. Styrofoam: Styrofoam can be divided into hard, semi-hard and soft foam. Hard foam has no flexibility, and the compression hardness is very large. Only when a certain stress value is reached, deformation occurs, and the stress can not be restored after it is released. Soft foams are flexible, have very little compression hardness, and are easily deformed. After the stress is lifted, the original state can be restored, and the residual deformation is small. The flexibility and other properties of semi-rigid foams are between hard and soft foams.
Classification of plastics by physical and chemical properties
According to the different physical and chemical properties of various plastics, plastics can be divided into two types: thermosetting plastics and thermosetting plastics.
(1) Thermoplastics
Thermoplastics: plastics that melt after heating, flow into the mold after cooling, and then melt after heating; You can use heating and cooling to produce reversible changes(liquid ← → solid state), which is a so-called physical change. Universal thermoplastic plastics have a continuous operating temperature of less than 100 °C. Polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, and polystyrene are also known as the four general plastics. Thermal plastic plastics are also divided into hydrocarbons, vinyl containing polar genes, engineering, cellulose and other types. Soft when heated, hard when cooled, able to soften and harden repeatedly and maintain a certain shape. Soluble in a certain amount of solvent, with Fusible and soluble properties. Thermoplastic plastics have excellent electrical insulation, especially polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), polystyrene(PS), polyethylene(PE), and polypropylene(PP) have very low dielectric constants and dielectric losses. Suitable for high frequency and Gaodianya insulation. Thermoplastic is easy to be formed, but the heat resistance is low, easy to creep, its creep degree changes with the load, ambient temperature, solvent, humidity.
In order to overcome these weaknesses of thermoplastics and meet the needs of applications in space technology, new energy development, etc., all countries are developing Fusible heat-resistant resins. Such as polyether ether ketone(PEEK), polyether sulfone(PES), polyaryl sulfone(PASU), polyphenyl sulfide(PPS) and so on. The composite materials used as matrix resins have high mechanical properties and chemical corrosion resistance. They can be hot molded and welded. The interlayer shear strength is better than that of epoxy resin. For example, using polyether ether ketone as a matrix resin and carbon fiber made of composite material, fatigue resistance exceeds epoxy / carbon fiber. Its good impact resistance, good creep resistance at room temperature, good processing, can be used continuously at 240 ~ 270 °C, is a very ideal high-temperature insulation material. The composite material made of PES resin and carbon fiber has high strength and hardness at 200 °C, and can maintain good impact resistance at -100 °C. Non-toxic, non-flammable, least smoke, good radiation resistance, it is expected to be used as a key part of the spacecraft, but also molded into a radar radome.
Formaldehyde cross-linked plastics include phenolic plastics and amino plastics(such as urea-formaldehyde-melamine-formaldehyde, etc.). Other cross-linked plastics include unsaturated polyesters, epoxy resins, and o-dimethylallyl resins.
(2) Thermosetting plastics
Thermosetting plastics refer to plastics that can be solidified or have insoluble(melting) properties under heat or other conditions, such as phenolic plastics, epoxy plastics, etc.. Thermosetting plastics are divided into formaldehyde crosslinking and other crosslinking types. After the heat processing is formed, a solid compound with insoluble solution is formed, and the resin molecules are cross-linked into a mesh structure by a linear structure. If you increase the heat, it will decompose and destroy.
Typical thermosetting plastics include phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester, furan, polysilyl ether and other materials, as well as newer polyacrylate plastics. They have the advantages of high heat resistance and heat resistance to deformation. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is generally not high, but it can be increased by adding fillers to make laminated or molded materials. Thermosetting plastics made of phenolic resin as the main raw material, such as phenolic molded plastics(commonly known as electrowood), have the characteristics of durability, stability in size, and resistance to other chemical substances other than strong alkali. Various fillers and additives can be added according to different uses and requirements. For varieties that require high insulation properties, mica or glass fiber can be used as fillers; Asbestos or other heat resistant fillings may be used for heat resistant varieties; For varieties that require earthquake resistance, a variety of suitable fibers or rubber fillers and some toughening agents can be used to make high-toughness materials. In addition, phenolic resins such as aniline, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride, polyamide, polyvinyl alcohol acetal and other modified phenolic resins can also be used to meet the requirements of different applications. Phenolic resin can also be made into phenolic laminate, which is characterized by high mechanical strength, good electrical performance, corrosion resistance, easy to process, widely used in low-voltage electrical equipment. Amino plastics include urea formaldehyde, Melamine formaldehyde, and urea Melamine formaldehyde. They have the advantages of hard texture, scratch resistance, colorless, translucent, etc.. They can be made into colorful products by adding color materials, commonly known as electric jade. Due to its oil resistance, it is not affected by weak bases and organic solvents(but it is not resistant to acid) and can be used for a long period of time at 70 °C. It can withstand 110 to 120 °C in the short term and can be used in electrical products.
Melamine formaldehyde plastic has higher hardness than urea formaldehyde plastic, has better water resistance, heat resistance, arc resistance, and can be used as an arc insulation material. There are many varieties of thermosetting plastics made of epoxy resin as the main raw material, of which bisphenol A epoxy resin accounts for about 90 % of the base material. It has the characteristics of excellent adhesion, electrical insulation, heat resistance and chemical stability, small shrinkage and water absorption, and good mechanical strength. Both unsaturated polyester and epoxy resins can be made of fiberglass and have excellent mechanical strength. For example, unsaturated polyester fiberglass steel has good mechanical properties and low density(only 1/5 to 1/4 of steel and 1/2 of aluminum) and is easily processed into various electrical parts.
Plastics made of diacrylate terephthalate resin have better electrical and mechanical properties than phenolic and amino thermosetting plastics. It has small hygroscopicity, stable product size, good molding performance, acid and alkali resistance and boiling water and some organic solvents. Modular plastics are suitable for making complex parts that are both temperature-resistant and highly insulating. It can generally be used for a long period of time in the temperature range of -60 to 180 °C. The heat resistance level can reach grades F to H, which is higher than that of phenolic and amino plastics.
There are many applications of organosilicon plastics in the structure of polysilyl ether in electronics and electrical technology. Most of the silicone laminated plastics are made of glass cloth. The organosilicon plastic is mostly filled with glass fiber and asbestos for the manufacture of high-temperature, high-frequency or diving Motors, electrical and electronic equipment components. This type of plastic is characterized by a small dielectric constant and tgδ value, and is less affected by frequency. It is used in Corona and arc resistance in the electrician and electronics industries. Even if discharge causes decomposition, the product is silica instead of conductive carbon black. Such materials have outstanding heat resistance and can be used continuously at 250 °C. The main disadvantages of polysilyl ether are low mechanical strength, small adhesive viscosity, and poor oil resistance. Many modified organosilicon polymers have been developed, such as polyester modified organosilicon plastics, which have been used in electrical technology. Some plastics are both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. For example, polyvinyl chloride, generally thermoplastic plastics, Japan has developed a new type of liquid polyvinyl chloride is thermosetting, molding temperature of 60 ~ 140 °C; A plastic of the United States called Jiaolundekesi, having both the characteristics of thermoplastic processing and the physical properties of thermosetting plastics.
1 Hydrocarbon plastics. It is a Non-Polar plastic with crystallization and non-crystalline properties. Crystalline hydrocarbon plastics include polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., and amorphous hydrocarbon plastics include polyphenyl.
Ethylene plastics containing polar genes. With the exception of fluorine plastics, most of the non-crystalline transparent bodies include polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyvinyl acetate and the like. Most of the vinyl monomers can be polymerized with free matrix catalysts.
3 Thermoplastic engineering plastics. It mainly includes polyformaldehyde, polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS, polydiphenyl ether, polyethylene terephthalate, polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polyimide, polyphenyl sulfide and so on. PTFE. Modified polypropylene and so on are also included in this range.
Thermoplastic cellulose plastics. Mainly including cellulose acetate, cellulose butyric acetate, Sailuluo, vitreous paper and so on.
Classification of plastics by process
According to various plastic molding methods, it can be divided into membrane pressure, lamination, injection, extrusion, blowing molding, casting plastic and reaction injection plastic and other types.
Membrane pressure plastics are mostly plastics with physical properties similar to those of general solid plastics; Laminated plastics refers to the fiber fabric impregnated with resin, which is combined into a whole by superposition and hot pressure; Injection, extrusion and blow molding are mostly plastics with physical properties and processing properties similar to those of general thermoplastic plastics; Cast plastics refers to liquid resin mixtures that can be hardened into certain shapes in a mold without pressure or a little pressure, such as MC nylon; Reactive injection plastic is a plastic, such as polyurethane, that is used as a liquid raw material and is pressurized into the membrane cavity to cure the reaction into a certain shape.
Compared with other furniture, plastic furniture has the following advantages:
1, colorful lines smooth
Plastic furniture bright colors, in addition to common white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple .... a variety of colors, but also transparent furniture, its distinctive visual effects bring people visual comfort. At the same time, because the plastic furniture is molded by the mold, it has the distinctive characteristics of smooth lines. Each round corner, each arc, each grid and interface are naturally smooth and have no manual traces.
2, diverse and beautiful style
Plastic has the characteristics of easy processing, so the shape of this kind of furniture has more arbitrary. The arbitrary modeling expresses the designer's very personalized design idea, and reflects a kind of arbitrary beauty through the general furniture's difficult to achieve modeling.
3, light and small access to facilitate
Compared to ordinary furniture, plastic furniture feels light, you don't need to spend a lot of effort to move it easily, and even plastic furniture with metal supports inside. The support is generally hollow or small in diameter. In addition, many plastic furniture can be folded function, so not only save space, use it more convenient.
4, various varieties apply to a wide range
Plastic furniture can be used not only in public places but also in homes. In public places, you see the most of all kinds of chairs, and there are countless varieties that apply to families: dining tables, chairs, lockers, hangers, shoe racks, flower stands.
5, easy to clean and easy to protect
Plastic furniture dirty, can be washed with water directly, simple and convenient. In addition, plastic furniture is also relatively easy to protect, and the requirements for indoor temperature and humidity are relatively low and widely applicable to various environments.
Maintenance method:
1, PVC furniture is easy to age, brittle, can only be used indoors, not suitable for outdoor. Avoid direct sunlight and be close to the stove and radiator. If it is broken, it can be bonded after the soldering iron is hot, or it can be bonded with the glue dissolved by banana water and PVC broken end.
2, polypropylene furniture light resistance, oil, good performance for chemical solvents, but the hardness is poor, should prevent collisions and sharp sharp cuts, if cracking can be repaired by thermal melting, no glue can stick.
3, FRP furniture with excellent performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It has a long life, strong and durable, but the damage is not easy to repair, can use screws and gaskets to connect trim. Use should prevent overloading and accidental fracturing, scratch.
4, plastic furniture can be washed with ordinary detergents, pay attention not to touch hard things, do not need metal brush. Frequent washing, sun protection can keep plastic furniture for a long time.
5, artificial leather, synthetic leather, soft leather furniture, fear of heat, fear of sunlight, fear of freezing, fear of oil, can not be placed in the bathroom, kitchen use. Clean and soft cloth should be used for cleaning. If the dirt is heavy, you can wipe it with neutral detergent, then wipe it with twisted wet cloth, dry it with dry cloth, cover it with artificial leather, synthetic leather furniture, such as a sofa cover, and chair cover. Can extend the service life.
6, plastic veneer furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight and local vertical pressure, heat, to prevent the joint of the veneer expansion, degumming. It is also necessary to prevent local pounding and cutting and cracking. The base of the furniture is mostly fiberboard, which is easily subjected to moisture expansion and separation. Special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof. It is possible to apply 1 to 2 layers of varnish to the substrate, that is, the opposite side of the surface. If it is found that the veneer is detached from its matrix, the binding site should first be cleaned with banana water or xylene, and then restored with a universal adhesive paste. After the glue is dried, it is then closed with varnish at the binding seam. White latex is not water-resistant and should not be used to paste boards.
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