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Furniture Top Ten Brand Rankings in China

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Details are as follows:
Top1 All-Friends Furniture
All Friends Brand Profile:
Quanyou Home Private Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of furniture, began in 1986 in Sichuan Province, a famous brand product, a large-scale domestic home goods development manufacturer and service provider, and a large-scale board furniture manufacturer that integrates research, production, and sales.
All Friends Brand History:
All Friends Private Co., Ltd. invested heavily in the construction of the All Friends Furniture International Industrial Port, which was planned and designed by the German BRUNRCHITE KTEN Planning and Design Institute and the Italian COMANIP Planning and Design Institute. It is a "modern, green, ecological, and international" design concept. It is a first-class and internationally leading furniture industrial port.
The company has comprehensively promoted the information technology strategy of enterprises, and has realized the integrated management of the entire value chain from product R&D design, procurement, production and manufacturing, logistics, sales, to customer after-sales service, so as to integrate the resources in the industry, middle and lower reaches. Provide customers with excellent product and service value.
The company took the lead in the industry to establish ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management and OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification; He has won many awards such as "China's Best after-sales service award", "China's Best Characteristic Service Award" and "Green Design International Contribution Award", and won the "National Top Ten After Service Units" and "Green Pioneer" corporate titles.
All Friends Home has always adhered to the core concept of green, with "green culture, fish culture" as the core cultural value of the company. In all friends, green is not only the basic color and core gene of all friends brand, but also the value belief and spiritual heights of all friends; Green is not only the product process of green careful creation, but also to employees, business partners, users, social responsibility and responsibility.
Green thinking, green action; Green all friends, warm world!
The company mainly produces board suite furniture, Solid wood furniture, mattress, sand
Friends Home
Friends Home
Hair, soft beds and customized furniture, engineering furniture and other series of products, products sold well throughout the country, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many countries and regions.
Whole House Custom
Whole House Customization is a full-house custom-made home project created by the iconic enterprise of the Chinese furniture industry. It is mainly for consumers to customize closets, cloakrooms, sliding doors and supporting board furniture. The head office has three home R&D centers in Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Milan, Italy, composed of more than 200 top designer R&D teams from China, Italy, Germany, Germany, and five German IMA automatic production lines and Germany's HOMAG, Italian CEFLA, Denmark. LIGAR and other advanced equipment group; Thousands of acres of industrial parks have been built, more than 30 professional factories, more than 20 foreign sales and service agencies, and more than 3,000 specialty stores have been rated as "aircraft carriers" by the outside world.
Top2: Qu Mei Home
Qu Mei Jia Ju Group Co., Ltd., a well-known furniture brand, a famous trademark in Beijing, a well-known brand in the wood furniture industry, a modern furniture brand with a sense of design in China, and a complete set of home solution providers, set design, production, and sales in one standardized original furniture design group company.
Qu Mei brand history:
Qu Mei Jia Ju Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It is China's leading large-scale and standardized home group that integrates design, production, sales, and service. It upholds the concept of "creating life with design" and brings together outstanding designers from all over the world. Team and world-renowned design Institute, Providing consumers with overall home solutions has become the most design-conscious furniture brand in China, and has made "simple, modern, and modern" become the endorsement of Qumei style.
On April 22, 2015, Qumei Home Ownership Group Co., Ltd. landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is the first modern furniture company listed in China.
The company is a product design, product quality, after-sales service and other aspects in the domestic industry in the leading level of furniture enterprises; In the furniture business model innovation, including the introduction of foreign design teams, the opening of home independent stores, the development of O2O e-commerce model and other aspects of the industry. At present, the company has more than 300 dealers in the country, and more than 600 specialty stores opened by dealers have covered more than 300 cities across the country.
Qumei mainly produces board furniture, solid wood furniture, board wood furniture, modern furniture, European furniture, sofas, soft beds, custom furniture and other series of products. After many years of steady development, Qumei furniture has become the most modern furniture brand in China with a sense of design.
Process driven innovation
Production and craft are the foundation of furniture enterprises. In the early 1990s, Qumei became a leader in the market and industry with its famous advanced bending wood technology, and began to build its own standardized production base and standardized process. Today, Qumei has 3 production bases with a total area. More than 400,000 square meters, 80 % of the production lines are imported from Germany and Italy. The complete quality control system, advanced production equipment, superb process flow, strict environmental protection standards, and professional testing methods make Qumei product quality and environmental protection performance in China. Leading level.
Stick to original design
"Original design" has always been the engine of Qumei products, R&D, and business development. Design originated in life. Qumei has a deep understanding of the integration of the world's diversified culture and the connotation of Chinese culture, which will greatly affect the public's aesthetic orientation and lifestyle. Therefore, it has opened the way to independent innovation in line with international standards and the establishment of Qumei International Design Alliance. He has worked with leaders from the Danish, French, American and Asia-Pacific design circles to create a range of products that are rich in variety and stylish. Among them, "Leshanju", "Pea Princess" and "Gorgeous Dahlia" have also won international and domestic design awards. Qu Mei's design has become an irreplaceable core competitiveness of the company.
Transformation of manufacturing brand to commercial brand
The existence of the brand is to provide services for users. Since 2004, Qumei has widened its own product structure and positioned a series of furniture with different styles, satisfying more people's pursuit of personality and imagination of life. At the same time, in order to improve the quality experience of products and space, Qumei has opened specialty stores in more than 300 cities across the country, unique space display ideas, and uses situational marketing to lead users to perceive Qumei in an all-round way. In 2007, Beijing's North Wuhuan Center Store was completed. It is an upgrade of independent stores in the transformation of specialty stores. It is also an upgrade of the user brand experience. So far, Qumei has maintained the number of independent stores with more than 600 stores and industries leading the way, marking the successful leap from the manufacturing brand to the commercial brand.
Home industry model upgrade
Qumei is a user-centered central idea, integrating the advantages accumulated over the years to form a strong capital for corporate strategic transformation. 1. Low-carbon model innovation: Qumei is the first company to set up a furniture environmental protection laboratory. In June 2014, it also launched a water-based paint coating for all products, which has received warm recognition and praise from all walks of life; 2. Intelligent model innovation: The ERP management system that continuously updates and optimizes is the intelligent center of the 4.0 blueprint for industry, and creates a flexible, individual, and intelligent home design and production system; 3. Internet model innovation: With the development of information technology and the change of purchasing behavior, Qumei is one of the earliest companies to layout the Internet + strategy. Quomei OAO model is based on the cloud platform to achieve the collection and analysis of household data, and eventually provides users with accurate and professional solutions.; 4. Capital model innovation: Listing is an affirmation of Qumei, and it also injected powerful momentum into the development of standardized, transparent, and sustainable enterprises.
In 2015, Qumei officially renamed Qumei Furniture as Qumei Home, using the trust created by green production, the quality of original design achievements, and the cultural heritage accumulated by the company to honor Qumei's "creating life with design" brand promise.
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