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Top ten precious timber at the same price as gold

Now many rich people are carrying out various kinds of collections, this world is too big, all kinds of birds! Birdman do not know? In a joke, many people have made long-term investments in valuable timber. For example, the questions they often ask are: wood price, teak price, mahogany price, fir price, Chinese timber net, log price, board price, and board price. Wood net, pine price, fir price, beech price, planer board price, Chinese wood, wood panel price, larch price, wood purchase, larch market price, etc..
Wood is a kind of resource. In ancient China, the culture of wood has a long history, such as agarwood, sandalwood, Huanghualimu, etc.. I believe that you are not unfamiliar.


Ebony(heavy wood) is also known as the ancient elegance of wood and the charm of stone. It is known as the "Oriental God Wood" and "Plant Mummy." Earthquakes, floods, and mudslides buried all the ground plant organisms into low-lying areas such as the ancient riverbed and buried some of the trees in the silt. Under the condition of hypoxia and high pressure, under the action of microorganisms such as bacteria, ebony is formed through the charring process for tens of millions of years, so it is also called "charred wood." Throughout the ages, ebony was used as a thing to ward off evil spirits, and crafts, Buddha statues, and amulets were made. The ancients said: "The house has half a square of ebony, better than a box of treasure."
The modern "ebony" is a kind of mahogany. The commonly referred to as "ebony" in the wood market refers to black African ebony and East African black ebony. They are a category of tree species and belong to the National mahogany standard. one.
The ebony looks like ink and grease on it. This kind of wood is a kind of hard wood that can sink in the water. It is distributed all over the world and ranks tenth in the world.


eaglewood is a dry Woody oil part of trees such as Baimuxiang or Aquilaria agalocha. It is a wood, spice, and Chinese medicine. When the heart part of the agarwood plant is stimulated by trauma or true red oil infection, a large amount of resin is secreted to help heal, resulting in a rich aroma of tissue during the process. These parts are also known as "water aromas" because of their high density.
In many parts of the world, agarwood is a precious spice that is used to burn incense, extract spices, add wine, or directly carve into decorations. Alisma wood is also known as Alisma. Incense wood hard, most do not float Yushui, slightly bitter taste, sweet. The smoke emitted during the combustion gave off a strong aroma and there was black oily exudation. Astragalus is mainly distributed in Guangdong and Guangxi, Yunnan and Fujian, and East Asian countries have the best quality of agarwood(Xinzhou incense) produced in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Astragalus is mainly distributed in Guangdong and Guangxi, as well as Yunnan and Fujian. It can be used as wood, spices, and even Chinese medicine. The high quality agarwood may take decades or even hundreds of years to form. It has aroma and part of agaric oil, so it is very precious and has collection value.

Pink ivory wood

Pink Ivory: The Zulu gods are on the verge of extinction under the predatory logging of whites. This wood is hard and heavy and weighs 62 pounds per cubic foot(993 kilograms per cubic meter) after drying in the air. Textures are very fine, textures from straight to irregular patterns.
Pink ivory wood is a rare heavy wood in the world and is a sacred wood of the Zulu people. This kind of wood is hard, very Solid and heavy, and the texture is very special. Therefore, it is very suitable for making some handicrafts. Because pink ivory wood grows very slowly and is distributed, it is very rare. It is mainly distributed in South Africa and Mozambique.

Guaiacum SPP

Guaiacum SPP(Guaiacum SPP) is used in China as an iron pear wood and belongs to the family Polygonaceae. 80 % of the use of the tree is the shipbuilding industry. Current foreign production. All countries are considered to be rare and impoRTAnt shipbuilding materials. The origin of callus wood is distributed between the equator and latitude 30 °C. Especially concentrated in China and the United States, the West Indies. The main production areas are the islands of the Bahamas and Damar. Malta, Antigua.
Guaiacum officimale(genus Polygonaceae), which originated in the West Indies of Central America, is also distributed in other tropical regions of South America, in addition to the West Indies and Mexico. In addition, there is also a Guatemalan callus wood produced in the same area(G. Guatamalense) and Holy Cure Wood(G. Sanctum) two kinds of wood.

Tree height 50M, average diameter up to 1M. & lt; Bark & GT; Gray, with longitudinal long cracking. & lt; Hue & GT; The difference between the edge and the heartwood is obvious. The edge material is yellow-white with pale peach stripes. The heartwood is grayish brown or grayish purple when it is fresh, and it is dark purple when it is set for a long time. The name of the purple heartwood comes from its heartwood color. & lt; Specific gravity & GT; Air dry gravity value A.D. 0.80 ~ 1.00. & lt; Wood & GT; The wood is straight or staggered, and the wood muscles are slightly thicker.
Purple wood, as the name implies, is a natural purple wood. Zixin wood is a tropical hardwood that is mainly distributed in the tropical regions of South America. It has a wide range of functions, including musical instruments, high-end floors, and decorations.

Balihuangtan is a solid wood tree with natural aromas. It is called "old mahogany" in the north of China, and "acid branch" in Guangdong and Guangxi. The wood is also precious in China, mainly produced in Cambodia, Laos and other places.
This wood is more deep in color and is a kind of tree. It is produced in Taiwan, Guangdong, and Yunnan(South) in China, while India and the Philippines are also distributed. This kind of wood is hard and dense, and the heartwood is red. The general string, musical instruments and furniture can be found it, but it is expensive and can also be used medicinally. In China, there is a saying "one inch of rosewood, one inch of gold".
Guyi Sumu
Ancient cypress is mainly distributed in Africa and the Americas. It is a rare wood on a global scale. Its structure is fine and uniform, its quality is hard, and its strength is high. It is generally used as luxury furniture and musical instruments.
Nanmu is a unique tree species in China and South Asia. It is a famous precious timber tree species at home and abroad. It is a secondary protected plant in China. Nanmu has many classifications, such as Burmese Huangnan, Xiaoyenan, Shuinan, Yenan, Jinsinan and others. Jinsinan is the best of the nanmu. This kind of wood has dazzling gold. It used to be a royal special timber, and it is particularly precious because of its scarcity.
scentedrosewood, Yansejinhong, with a special texture. Huanghualimu is mainly produced in Hainan, China, so it is also known as Huangtanmu, Hainan Huanghualimu and so on. In addition to the beautiful color and fine texture of Huanghualimu, it also has a genial aroma, and over time, the color and aroma are more attractive.

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